Friday, September 28, 2012

Maramec Spring Park

About 3 weeks ago, Jamie and I took a short trip to Maramec Spring Park.  The weather was perfect and we couldn't get over the beauty of the place.  It's near St. James, Mo., where I volunteered for the Missouri Photo Workshop a few years ago. I remembered a photo story on this place, but never made it there during the workshop.  We only camped one night, which didn't seem like enough, so we hope to go back soon.  It was perfect for us, because there was plenty for me to explore while Jamie fished for hours. 
Near the spring.

Our campsite was close to this bridge, so we took a walk there after dark.  The stars were reflected in the water, and then we saw glow worms along the bank.  It was sparkly and magical.

Jamie fishes shortly after we got there.

The deer were everywhere!  I saw at least 30.

The Maramec River trophy trout area was cross from our campsite, number 3.  We loved this site and will always try to get a campsite in the single digits. 

We had a great dinner.

Maramec Spring, where groundwater emerges from a cave.

Trout in the sunlight.

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