Monday, September 19, 2011

big cats

I got to photograph big cats last week. The first four are from the National Tiger Sanctuary in Saddlebrook and the last one is backstage at the Fercos Brothers show in Branson.

Merlin, a lion who didn't take to show business, is now retired at the sanctuary.

Right after this photo, Midnight leapt up a growled in my face. I screamed and jumped. The black leopard was someone's pet before coming to live at the sanctuary. People be crazy.

Vincent weights 750 lbs and stands 10 feet tall.

Banshee, a cougar, was a pet too.

Tony Fercos brushes his lion, Sinbad. "I always say 'Sinbad, like the entertainer' but people still think it's Simba," said Tony Fercos.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Sac Woods

We hiked at Little Sac Woods last weekend and ran into about a million spiders dangling in the middle of the trail.

What a weird tree, huh?