Sunday, July 24, 2011

baby giraffe

I got to go to the zoo recently and photograph a 2-day-old giraffe, Stretch, Jr. At 165 pounds and six feet, four inches tall, he's the biggest baby I've ever seen.
Kamili licks her 2-day-old calf Wednesday at the Dickerson Park Zoo. This is Kamili's sixth calf, and she is more protective of him than she has been in the past, said zookeeper Tracy Campbell.

Such a big baby, yet so small.

He has to learn how to use his tongue, because it's so long, Tracy said.

Stretch, Jr. nurses awkwardly.

Awe. He's all tuckered out. Tracy told me that adult giraffes only sleep about an hour per day, and in this kind of position. Usually the babies will curl up with their heads near their haunches, but this was just a little cat nap.

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