Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jamie's family

Last weekend I went from Oklahoma City to Springdale, Ark. to meet up with Jamie and his relatives.

Uncle Corvin kept giving his cousin JoAnne a hard time about looking just like their grandma and trying to get a picture of her without her teeth.

Sand Hill Cemetery in Yardell, Ark., near Hasty, Harrison and Walnut Grove.

We met extended family from all over the country in Walnut Grove, more cousins of Jamie's grandpa, Uncle Corvin and Aunt Joan.

Cousin Leon was a hoot. A few choice quotes:

"Oh, you're pretty. You'll be my girlfriend before the end a the day."

"I'm not too good at math, but I know my guzentas...2 goes inta 4 twice, 4 goes inta 8 twice. You gotta know you're guzentas."

"you come back! We'll treat ya so many ways you're bound to like one a 'em."

Grandma Lora, Jamie (rockin' the Star Trek shirt for his mom), Aunt Joan, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Corvin

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