Saturday, March 5, 2011


Last Saturday I started some seeds for the first time, and most of them have already sprouted. It's so exciting! After buying worms for the worm composting bin I made yesterday, I messed around with the "poor man's macro" this afternoon. Arkansas Traveler tomato


pineapple tomato

Artichoke. Just kidding! This is a chick from my hen and chicks plant.


Thomas E. Mosley III said...

These are freakin awesome photos, even though I don't understand how they were taken. They look so mysterious, as if they are unlocking previously hidden biological details.

Val said...

Thanks, Thomas! I was pretty happy they worked out. Next time I see you I'll show you how I did it.

Monica Wood said...

Beautiful photos!
Gods creations are SOOO marvelous!

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous, Val. The light is amazing! How did you do it? Window? Flash? Tell is already!!!

Val said...

Lol! Thanks Jakob--you won't believe it. I have two daylight balanced compact florescent lights on the seedlings, and a halogen (for warmth). I just used the light that was there. I put black mat board behind to deal with the insane vignetting.