Thursday, September 16, 2010

a few recent standalones

Camden Erickson, 11, and Keaton Lieffring, 11, make thier selections from an ice cream truck while J.R. Murphy looks on. With the first day of fall around the corner, the season of serendipitous frozen treats will soon end. Frosty Treats manager J.R. Murphy said that October will be their last month of business until spring.

Larry Leivan paints the facade of the Downtown Library on Monday, with pipes from the Felix Street Streetscape project in the foreground. When they started to repaint, they discovered that the limestone needed to be waterproofed. "Limestone is so porous, you really have to watch it," said Chris Silcott, Director of Operations with the St. Joseph School District, which owns the building. Luckily, they caught it before there was much damage, he said.

Kavanaugh Conner, 2, hands an apple to his mother, Jeanne Conner at Schweizer Orchard on Saturday. Apple season began about a week ago and will continue for at least a month said Cory Schweizer. The Conners plan to make apple sauce and apple butter with the gala, honey crisp, and early jonathan apples they picked. Canning has, "an old fashioned feel to it and it's very community oriented," said Jeanne Conner.

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Thomas E. Mosley III said...

picture 1: Awesome! It brings me back to the good old days of summer seredipity.

picture 2: It looks like it's all about to roll away!

picture 3: I used to grade Spanish papers for a girl named Cory Schweizer.