Friday, August 13, 2010


a few photos from this week

A teen practices her MJ moves at a summer arts enrichment camp. This one didn't make it into the paper, but it's still my favorite.

Carmen Canchola demonstrates how to use a confetti egg on her husband, Ray. The couple has helped with preparations for the St. Patrick Mexican Fiesta since they joined the church in 1959.

Holly Morris cuts Jaycee Markley's hair at Vatterott College's first annual 'Cuts for Kids' event on Tuesday. The cosmetology department gave free haircuts to children ages 8 to 18. 'We're doing this to build the confidence of the students going back to school and to help out families that need a bit of support,' said campus director Adrienne Faulkner.

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Taylor said...

That second photo is so sweet.