Thursday, July 15, 2010

a few from the St. Joe News Press

homemade granola bars

This might be one of those that I like because of the effort involved instead of the quality of the photo. It took all day to find anyone who was willing to be photographed for the unemployment story.

Lorie Swenson, Jeremy Grieshaber, and Veronica Hunt, left to right, shop at Apple Market on Mitchell Ave. on Tuesday evening. Swenson and Grieshaber have both been drawing unemployment for about a year. "We don't buy steaks," Swenson said. "We buy more ground beef and chicken." About half of Missourian's currently receiving unemployment benefits will lose them at the end of July.

Swoop, an eagle-owl, flies over a crowd of about 90 people during the Wings of Love presentation at Washington Park Library on Wednesday. Eagle-owls are the largest type of owl in the world, said bird handler Yvonne Patterson.

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