Thursday, September 24, 2009

O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A, Oklahoma, OK!

Okay, so I'm pretty backed up on blog posts.  I promise to get better at keeping up with this thing.  Here are just a few shots from my visit home in June. 

This is nephew Weston and niece Malory.  We went to see Thomas in Shawnee and walked around the OBU campus.  It was super hot and muggy that day.  I let Malory use my old camera.  She's photographing birds here and the people in the background are awing about how cute she is with that big old camera.  She can't hold it with one hand, so to zoom, she lets it hang around her neck while she adjusts and then picks it back up to shoot.  It's adorable!  She's pretty much a mini me.  :-)

Pondering her next shot. 

Showing off. 

This sign was at 11th and Yale in Tulsa on top of a flower shop.  For years I meant to photograph it, and then one day it was gone (like so many things in Tulsa).  Now it's a restored Rt. 66 attraction just a block or so from its original location.  

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